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                      APK!'s History and Mission!

Absolutely, Positively, Kids! (APK!) has been bringing out the greatness in children since 2005, having earned awards for best childcare center, best afterschool program and best summer camp! With two franchise owners, center directors, over 100 staff, numerous volunteers and parental support, our passion for child development has spawned research to enhance continued learning experience in young minds.

More than anything else, what defines APK! is the success of the students whose parents come back after graduating and share stories of how their child's APK! experience gave them the tools they needed to excel.

From our skilled teachers to our administrators... warm, responsive care coupled with a secure learning environment is our core vision.  Each APK! team-member knows that the quality of relationships which your child experiences during their first 5 years of life have a deep and lasting impact on their future development, and that knowledge guides them every step of their day as they care for, enrich and teach your child.

The foundation of Absolutely, Positively, Kids! is the environment we create within our physical buildings, because it is the design of our buildings that allows the curriculum and our teachers to maximize your child's potential.

As you search for the finest in early education for your child, you'll discover that it is virtually impossible for a child to develop to their full potential in a traditional single-room preschool program.

Here's just a sample of what you'll find in our Silvis location:

The center is a 11,000 sq. ft. facility educationally-engineered to enhance young minds.

Our building, curriculum, teachers and educational resources work together in a highly coordinated endeavor that makes the most of the window of opportunity in brain development between infancy and age five.

Our programs engage your child across intellectual, emotional, physical and social levels of learning and development.  APK! balances learning, fun and rest with inside and outside physical activities to keep children's interest and excitement for knowledge at a high level.

Our promise: The moment you walk through the front door your view on childcare will change forever... within minutes of speaking with the Director you will know you're in the right place... and after the very first day you will see your child's amazing love for learning already growing!


                             Childcare Coverage interview in the Quad Cities with WQAD!

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