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Our Preschool program nurtures curiosity, creativity, confidence and compassion!

A-B-C. 1-2-3. Your preschooler begins to connect letters, sounds and numbers, expanding their world through reading and math, building critical thinking skills, early physical fitness and nutrition.

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s your preschooler!

To your preschooler, nothing is impossible! They are opening up their world and developing special friendships. Together, they are learning new phrases and forming new ideas every day.

Teachers guide and extend children’s thinking through purposeful play, meaningful questioning and direct instruction. Your child is engaged and

having fun, not even aware that she’s developing skills to prepare for reading and math!

Here are some of the engaging programs and activities that your preschooler will look forward to every day.


Mucho Mundo®

Along with learning a second language, songs and customs, your child learns about cultural diversity. Parents are amazed when their preschooler starts speaking Spanish.

Early Art Masters™

Children are introduced to art techniques and are encouraged to try them as they learn about the work of famous early art masters, contemporary artists and children's book illustrators.

Happy Hearts Character Development and Life SkillsTM

Good character doesn’t just happen on its own. With our character development program, your child learns to appreciate values like generosity, compassion and gratitude.

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